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Personalized and Intensive Approach

At Quest 2 Recovery, we understand that each client presents with unique
symptoms and challenges when it comes to alcohol and/or drug detoxification.
Therefore, we adopt a personalized approach towards the process to deliver a
highly tailored treatment plan for pain-free detoxification and complete

Looking Beyond the Symptoms

We believe that the best way to help a patient achieve abstinence and
maintain sobriety is to identify and eradicate the motivation behind drug or
alcohol use. Therefore, our experts look beyond the signs and symptoms of
addiction to identify the primary underlying issues and triggers. Once this is
done, we develop a personalized plan to achieve our primary goal of a lasting

Intimate, Home-Like Environment

We provide individuals, who are struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, an
opportunity to achieve sobriety in a supportive, home-like environment. A
team of experienced and compassionate healthcare professionals is
available around-the-clock to fulfill clients’ needs.

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