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At Quest 2 Recovery, our mission is to help clients overcome substance use addiction and achieve abstinence in a discreet and comfortable setting.
To achieve this objective, we offer a range of alcohol and drug detox programs to individuals who are struggling with an unhealthy drinking habit
or substance use. Our detox programs are comprised of a combination of evidence-based, safe, and effective interventions, including, but not limited
to, the following:

– Detoxification
– Psychotherapy
– Dialectical Behavior Therapy
– Trauma/PTSD
– Anger Management
– Relapse Prevention
– Family/Couples Therapy
– Meditation and Mindfulness
– Trauma Sensitive Yoga
– Music Therapy
– Equine Therapy
– Fitness Therapy

In addition to our scientific approach towards the process, we aim to offer clients and their families a pleasant, well-rounded experience of working
with Quest 2 Recovery. To achieve this, we adopt an approach that is discreet, non-judgmental, and client-centered. Everything that we do at
Quest 2 Recovery is evidence-based and highly tailored to each client’s unique needs. The individualized care and client-centered approach
enables us to achieve the best possible results for each client, while always honoring each individual’s privacy and providing the utmost comfort.

We adopt a comprehensive approach and collect detailed information about our client’s physical and psychological health, alcohol and drug addiction, and other important aspects of life to develop a tailored drug or alcohol detox program. As a result, Quest 2 Recovery ensures a higher chance of long-term recovery for our clients with maximum privacy and comfort.

Residential Treatment
At Quest 2 Recovery, we aim to help clients gain control of the recovery process. We help the client identify and eliminate the behaviors that motivate them to use drugs and alcohol. With a better understanding of their thoughts and behaviors, the client feels more empowered and willing to get rid of their alcohol or drug addiction.

Dual Diagnosis
We look beyond the signs and symptoms of addiction to identify the actual triggers that factor behind an unhealthy drug or drinking habit. Using a combination of detoxification and behavioral therapies, our team of experts ensure lasting recovery from addiction and help our clients achieve a healthy, substance-free lifestyle.
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